Vegas Live Dealer Guidelines

Stepping into the Limelight

The gambler has finally given the time to shine, all these years of a love-hate relationship with gambling.

Losing was his all-time ally, always giving him a difficult time to get what he wanted, yet in his mind he slowly he processed all the lessons that should be learned. There were times he made it, only to use his hard-earned prize to another series of defeat.

A sad tale, and the gambler here did not give up. He seriously took all what should be done, and left the excruciating experiences he had at the gaming tables.

Those times when even his friends laughed at his less than normal ways of betting. Not to forget, those times they called him an addict.

If I was, the gambler thought, then why I still have my job? My family? Why didn't I have the energy to give my all?

He simply knew the consequences. He gambles, yes -- but all is just game to him. Nothing more. He may have lost a few hundred bills, but he won, too. It's only a matter of analyzing his faults and sharpening the mind as a preparation for the next game.

So he can be all himself again, now armed with so much confidence. And this newfound confidence is what makes the struggling gambler experience that adrenalin rush he is used to. It's in his system, his mind, and soul.

Not giving up doesn't really mean one's addicted. Addiction is dependency. In this case, it's the other way around.

The game IS dependent of the gambler. It's as if the game will not survive without him. And by this, the gambler knows that the time has come for him to claim what should be his, from the start.

Hours have gone by until the gambler tasted victory. Now that he made it, there's no reason for him to feel despondent anymore.

No reason for him to feel ashamed, either. He earned it, therefore he deserved it. Much rightly so.

This type of gambler worked hard, mentally and emotionally to get the one thing he so wanted - winning. To him, obstacles are not there for you to get intimidated. They are to be faced, with all the trust and capacity to get past through it.

He may, of course, feel tempted to spend so much. But after what happened to him, he is wise now.

He knows how to part his beloved cash properly, and in total accord with the situation. Just thinking of his past errors makes his mind all the more alert, so his objectivity comes out to play.

In the end, his success was no doubt an inspiration. Without the hardships he encountered for a period of time, how else could he make it?


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